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Luis Antonio Barajas

In the process of making a home in Fresno, I picked up several projects around the house and began furnishing my own home. Soon enough I was devoting all my time to making custom furniture for family and friends, and I undeniably found my passion again.


When I first moved to Fresno, the future was unknown, but I’m very grateful for the family and friends who have been very supportive of my work and encouraging in every way.


I started LAB Wood Creations to not only develop my career further, but because it is my strongest suit. I take pride in my work and I am beyond excited to continue this journey and expanding my skills further. I am thankful for any opportunities that come my way and I welcome new challenges!



I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I first began my woodworking journey in high school through wood shop classes. It quickly developed into a useful skill and great hobby. When I was twenty years old, I began working as a stonemason. Over the years, my skill level increased and my role in the construction industry evolved to managing teams, communicating with clients and overseeing all phases of ongoing projects.


After several flourishing years in the construction industry, my employment ended abruptly when the company I worked for went out of business. The construction industry was on a downfall and I found myself hunting for meaningless jobs in order to provide for my family. After some reflection, I made the bold decision to leave my current situation. I gathered my wife, my kids, and we planted ourselves in the Central Valley.




Luis Antonio Barajas


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